One bad day


I like Richard Bailey’s work and you might as well call him Cate Blanchett’s “official” photographer. So it was a shock when I saw the photographs of Cate Blanchett for Marie Claire.

I’m not really sure if this is actually Cate Blanchett or a mannequin made up to look like her. What happened!?!?! In my panic to think perhaps our man Richard had lost it I typed as fast as my little fat fingers could and surfed over to his website Pulling up the “Cat Blanchett un-official fan page” in his portfolio I could finally exhale as the fear had passed.

What a relief to see he had a group from the shoot but not the cover shot on his site. But, it was obvious this wasn’t his best day. Do you think our man Dickie charges less on bad days?


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It’s good to be…..Benny Allen Davenport

This is a bit off what I normally will be posting but I couldn’t help myself.

Got to LOVE a guy who appreciates his own work. Marketing 101 – make sure your talent matches expectations. Come-on, did you really need to use your initials? What, there was no other domain name available – I see is still available if you want. Best of luck Benny.

He does have a fan club

BAD’s Fan Club

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Tough times at Esquire?


Times must be tough at Esquire. Apparently, they couldn’t afford to have Platon go out and photograph Obama. Guess there were no other photographers available at a price they could afford. Chip Simons chipsimons-behind-the-photos might have been available. Maybe they talked to Chip and he wasn’t in the mood.

Money must be so tight they had to turn to stock. I’m not sure if this was non-exclusive rights, maybe even Royalty free. Didn’t I just see this? Michael Norseng must have been told to really watch the budget, or make sure Platon got some more money.

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Patrick Demarchelier Vanity Fair Shoot


If Patrick posted on PhotoSig:
Hi guys, I got a few photos published in a magazine!!! I’ve uploaded 3 tearsheets. What do you think?
Best – Patrick

Patrick – Nice location. Too bad you had to shoot during this time of day. The shadows are so harsh. Maybe if you hire an assistant you could use fill flash something to soften the shadow a bit. I know assistants can get expensive but maybe your could get you wife to help you out.

Patrick, this is pretty good. Looks like something a good High School Portrait photographer would do. It would be better if she were looking at the camera and her hands look a bit stiff. But not bad. You should check out Jeff Smith’s work. He’s a GREAT HS Senior photographer, he even wrote a few books about posing. It might help you out. I’ll attach a few of his photographs and you can see how a professional would handle this.

Of the 3 you posted this is one just doesn’t work. What can I say? Too much Photoshop, hair, and boobs.

Nice job. But a magazine that really cares about quality photography would probably have had a hard time publishing these.I’ve attached a few photos of Jeff Smith’s for you to look at. They are actually almost the same poses you used but I think you will agree his are a bit more successful. Patrick, with a bit more work you might be able to get your work in a better magazine.

You should check out his website Maybe even pick up a copy of his posing book. Might help you out.

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It’s good ….

If all photographers were treated equally the world might be a different place.

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